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Paneer Special

Paneer Pulao Rice

Easy and nutritive Paneer pulao is a quick dinner on busy nights. finally loved this way of making. Paneer smells very fragrant and nearly is like paneer tikka.

Palak Paneer

Easy and Quick Palak Paneer is a famous Indian dish where Indian house cheese is cooked. Tasty and nutritious! Great with Tandoori Roti!

Paneer Pizza

This desirable and tangy paneer pizza is made with rich and zesty tomato seasoning, mushrooms, bell peppers, and jalapenos on a purified flour base. It is concluded with a comforting cheese revolution!

Shahi Paneer

The actual shahi paneer is from Mughalai cooking Especially Without Tomatoes. It has a white sauce made from onion and yogurt. Full of nuts saffron and fragrant spices. Very few spice powders are used in the sauce hence it has mild and delicious flavors.

Shahi Thali

It Contains Chicken,Curd,Mix Veg,Dal Makhani,Rice,Tawa, Roti(Tawa/Tandoori),Salad,Fried Mirchi,Sweets.

Paneer Tikka

It has heightened quantities of calcium, which can help you make strong teeth and muscles. The power-packed blend of protein and calcium in paneer can increase your weight loss endeavors.